Time to move to the Julian Alps. Our local snowboarder Luka Podlogar shows us the authenticity of Vogel, his beautiful home resort perched above the frozen Bohinjsko Jezero lake.

Yeah Luka ! - (©Louis Garnier)

BOOM !!! Thanks Slovenia - (©Louis Garnier)

Nice view, huh Thomas? - (©Louis Garnier)

Slovenian temper - (©Louis Garnier)

Janne with a stylish Indy grab - (©Louis Garnier)

Unfortunately, the bus has revealed its first weaknesses. The cold and the thousands of kilometers covered since Sankt-Anton force the bus take a break for a few days; the time it takes our genius mechanic Vidar to bring the bus back to health.

Vidar aka Vidar The Great (a real magician!) - (©Louis Garnier)

Not a bad spot for a breakdown - (©Louis Garnier)

Rider : Fenna – Coach : Tim and Val - (©Louis Garnier)

While Vidar gets his hands dirty for two long days, the riders have already spotted some features to ride near the lake and next to a playground. They demonstrate their creativity by shredding the natural features around the bus.

Old-shool Daffy for Leo - (©Louis Garnier)

Emile the Eagle - (©Louis Garnier)

Watch out the lake Janne… - (©Louis Garnier)

Too late! - (©Louis Garnier)

Two days later, the bus looks brand new and it’s now time to head to the Balkans! Yay Vid'!

On the road again ! - (©Louis Garnier)

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