We get to Macedonia with a warm welcome from our local guide Metodi. Around Popova Shapka, we bump into a bunch of kids sledding down a hill.

Sledges, sledges and sledges - (©Louis Garnier)

We build a few kickers and without any hesitation the enthusiastic kids quickly gather around us to try snowboarding.

Good times shared with the kids! - (©Louis Garnier)

The least you can say is that this bunch of children are definitely not chicken. With just some basic advice they strap in and send it on the jumps without really caring about the landing.

Rockstar - (©Louis Garnier)

First snowboarding lesson for this kid with Tom - (©Louis Garnier)

Janne jumping over the kids and Leo - (©Louis Garnier)

Daredevils - (©Louis Garnier)

Janne and his local fan club - (©Louis Garnier)

We also talk with them about environmental topics like waste sorting and recycling. We’re surprised to realize how unfamiliar they are with those subjects. It’s interesting and surprising to realize how much these topics that seem so hot in Western Europe are actually totally ignored in the Balkans. Time to move on. Thanks for the good time kids! Let's see what’s in store for us in Montenegro, the last destination of the trip.

One month… - (©Louis Garnier)

…can be… - (©Louis Garnier)

long !!!! - (©Louis Garnier)

The trip continues - (©Louis Garnier)

Traffic jam ahead - (©Louis Garnier)

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