The bus

Val and Tim proceeded to completely remove everything inside the bus to convert it into a moving house. Inside the bus, they designed a proper bedroom, a bathroom, toilets, a kitchen, a living room and even enough bunkbeds to welcome up to 8 guests into their atypical lifestyle.

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« We minimize our impact on the planet by reducing our footprint where we can; for example, by eating a plant based diet, by using a compost toilet that uses no water or by collecting energy from the sun with our solar panels. However, we can’t get around the fact that our bus produces CO2. We did find a solution to this though. We calculate our annual emissions and donate an equivalent sum to a non-profit organization whose slogan says it all: « minimize what you can, offset what you can’t ». They invest all the donations in sustainable energy projects and offset the emissions that we create. »

Let’s get it started!
First step : remove the inside…
Bye bye school bus!
Vid working on the floor
Living room work in progress…
It starts to look like a proper room
This is what you get from a school bus
Everything you need to make delicious dishes
Triple bunk beds for the guests
Shower time
the riders

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The riders
Léo Taillefer, Janne Lipsanen, Jules Bonnaire, Emile Bergeron, Thomas Delfino and Sandy Collet were really glad to take part in this adventure.